*The Great Experiment

My friend, Mike Siris, thinks that I should have a blog.  My wife has one at: CarolSuesFood (Visit it for restaurant recommendations.) So I guess I should have one too.  Carol’s is devoted to good dining, something she loves and as one of my loves is the law, it only seems appropriate that, that be the focus of my blog.
I will therefore be posting my e-mail blasts to this blog and maybe a few things that don’t deserve that form of distribution.  That way those who want to reference something that I sent out, can find it here, without having to write me and ask me to send it to them again.
The frequency I will try to maintain will be at least once a week and but maybe more frequently, if the mood so moves me. Feel free to comment, with your corrections or additions or disagreements. From this we can all learn. And if you have something that you think I should bring to the attention of others through this blog, let me know and we shall see.
Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

One response to “*The Great Experiment

  1. Good luck, Lou… May your wisdom help many.

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