Bronx County Clerks Office is Online.

Most documents on file with the Bronx County Clerks office can be found at their new Internet home. You can either register to go on-line or go on-line as a quest. If you have Adobe Reader, or Adobe Acrobat you can access and download the documents.

A tip of the cap to Jeff Richman for bringing this to my attention.

2 responses to “Bronx County Clerks Office is Online.

  1. I filed a divorce last 2009. When can I get my copy? Please, I need it. Thanks

    • Divorce documents are not generally open to the public and so I would expect not available on-line. Go to the Clerks office in the Supreme Court Bronx, where I believe the divorce proceeding was handle and they should be able to help you. You will need proof of your identity. Your case number is Index Number: 12370/2008

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