*Claimant’s Authorization to Disclose Workers’ Compensation Board Records

A defense firm has asked me to provide them with an authorization to permit them to obtain my client’s Workers’ Compensation Board Records. They graciously provided me with the form that the WCB requires. But better yet, I found a fillable version on the internet and have added it to my links. There are a large number of such fillable and non fillable forms on the internet and as I have occasion to use them, I will add them to my links. If there is a governmental form you would like to see there, just let me know with a comment, and I will try and find it and if successful, will add it to my links.

When providing this form to a defense firm or insurance carrier, I suggest crossing out that portion of the form which states that the claimant/plaintiff “authorize[s] the Workers’ Compensation Board to discuss the above-referenced Workers’ Compensation Board records with” the defense firm or insurance carrier, since it is unlikely that such permission was requested and the authorization should be limited to the request.


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