*Two HIPAA forms for Interviews and Records

I have added a non-fillable Authorization To Permit Interview Of Treating Physician By Defense Counsel required by Arons v Jutkowitz 9 NY3d 393 (2007) and a fillable** Authorization For Release Of Health Information Pursuant To HIPAA.

Note, the Court website states that these forms “may not be used to obtain … release of psychotherapy notes, see 45 CFR section 164.508” as a specific authorization is necessary to obtain psychotherapy notes. One of these can be found here, although as it is perpared for use in Kentucky, some changes will have to be made in this Word™ document.

**Fillable forms usually cannot be saved with the filled in information (if you don’t have Adobe Acrobat™) and thus must be printed before closing the document, as doing so will cause the filled in information to be lost.

One response to “*Two HIPAA forms for Interviews and Records

  1. Interesting lead article on Noseworthy Doctrine, thanks and look forward to reading future editions.

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