*Changes to the USDC EDNY Arbitration Procedure: You Select the Arbitrator and Schedule the Session.

*Effective November 1, 2010, Counsel in cases designated for arbitration in the USDC EDNY will select the arbitrator and schedule the arbitration session, rather than the Arbitration Clerk, who previously performed these steps.

After a case is selected for arbitration, the Arbitration Clerk will send the following instructions to counsel via ECF:

“Within fourteen (14) days of the “Notice of Designating Case for Court Annexed Arbitration,” Counsel are to select an Arbitrator, schedule the arbitration session with the Arbitrator, and electronically file (via ECF) a “Proposed Order Appointing an Arbitrator.” The date selected shall not be later than 120 days from the date the answer was filed and, in the absence of the consent of the parties, shall not commence until 30 days after the disposition by the district court of any motion to dismiss the complaint, motion for judgment on the pleadings, motion to join necessary parties, or motion for summary judgment, if the motion was filed during a time period specified by the district court. The Arbitrator is authorized to change the time and date of the hearing provided it is within 30 days of the hearing date set forth in the proposed order. Continuances beyond this 30 day period must be approved by the Court. For a list of the EDNY Arbitrators and their qualifications, see the EDNY’s website at:


In accordance with Administrative Order 2004-08 (effective August 2, 2004) electronic filing became mandatory in the Eastern District of New York for all cases (pro se cases are excluded).”

Once approval is granted, pursuant to Local Rule 83.10(e)(6) the Arbitration Clerk will send Counsel the guidelines for arbitrators and the arbitration award via ECF. The Arbitration Clerk will also send PACER account information to the Arbitrator so that he or she will have access to the docket sheet and pleadings.

If anyone has questions, concerns, or comments about the upcoming changes, feel free to contact the USDC EDNY ADR Department at 718-613-2577.

Brooklyn ADR Office
U.S. District Court
Eastern District Court of New York
225 Cadman Plaza East, Room 215 South
Brooklyn, New York 11201

Central Islip ADR Office
U.S. District Court
Eastern District of New York
100 Federal Plaza
Central Islip, New York, 11722-4438

Brooklyn Arbitration Clerk
Rita Credle
Telephone: (718) 613-2325
Facsimile:(718) 613-2399
Email: rita_credle@nyed.uscourts.gov

Central Islip Arbitration Clerk
Jean Bollbach
Telephone: (631) 712-6047
Facsimile: (631) 712-6028
Email: Jean bollbach@nyed.uscourts.gov

USDC EDNY ADR Administrator
Gerald P. Lepp, Esq.
Telephone: (718) 613-2577
Facsimile:(718) 613-2368
Email: Gerald_P_Lepp@nyed.uscourts.gov

*From an e-mail recently received from USDC EDNY ADR Administrator, Gerald P. Lepp, Esq.

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