*Free CLE Credit – FRE Rule 502 Attorney-Client Privilege and Work Product; Limitations on Waiver

See an e-mail received today with an offer of free CLE credit in NY

The National Law Journal and Fordham Law School cordially invite you to
a complimentary Webinar with free CLE credit in NY, TX, IL, and CA.

Waiving Attorney-Client Privilege: Understanding Rule 502
November 2, 2010 | 1 PM EDT | REGISTER NOW

Speakers: Moderator:

Daniel J. Capra
Philip D. Reed Chair,
Fordham Law School

Judge Lee H. Rosenthal
U.S. District Judge, Southern District of Texas, and Chair, Judicial Conference
Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure

Kenneth A. Gary, JD
Associate Publisher,
The National Law Journal

Federal Rule of Evidence 502, signed into law in September 2008, provides protections to parties with privileged information who unintentionally disclose privileged material. Tied, in part, to issues that arise during electronic discovery, the measure seeks to reduce litigation costs typically arising in the process of privilege review and production. The rule establishes a presumption against subject matter waiver, resolves the issue of inadvertent disclosure, provides for confidentiality orders and supports party agreements, among other issues.

Please join Professor Capra, principal author of Rule 502, and Jude Rosenthal, who shepherded it through Congress, for a discussion of these standards for waiver of attorney-client privilege.

Visit www.law.com/fordham to register today.

2 responses to “*Free CLE Credit – FRE Rule 502 Attorney-Client Privilege and Work Product; Limitations on Waiver

  1. Thanks! I have cross-posted this and the other free CLE listings at Fordham at the “4freeCLE” blog. Please let me know if you run across other free CLE so I can spread the word!

    It’s interesting that your blog post came up in my google reader search for “free CLE” and Fordham’s didn’t, but I suppose that may be due to your using “Free CLE” in your title, whereas Fordham didn’t.

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